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Who we are

Adults Living Life More Abundantly

This group is dedicated to serving Catholic adults in the 18-40 range by fostering Prayer, Community and Formation:


 What we mean by prayer, is the opportunity to engage in the long catholic tradition of corporate prayer, the chance to pray at holy sites near us, or pray before our Lord at times that fit with the vocations of family.


What we mean by community is none other than play. Having fun wholesome experiences and adventures together for their own sake. From these experiences we hope friendships arise, and from the network of those friendships, real, organic, unforced community

What we mean by formation is growing in our knowledge and defense of the faith. We mean unlocking a greater love for our God by learning more about him We mean calling one another to greater virtue to become more pleasing to our beloved. 

We know life is busy in this time of life and if we distract our members from their vocation without a worthwhile purpose we realize we will have done a bad thing. Therefore we are committed to high quality, enriching events that are respectful of your time and commitments. 

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