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What We're Up to!

Convivium - Join us as we share a meal and pray the Divine Office together! We meet every other Sunday at a home in our community and this is a great way to make friendships and memories together. 


Big Events - We love to find creative ways to increase our fellowship as a community! Whether it’s a night of swing dancing or relaxing at local vineyard, these events are a great way to build relationships and memories with one another! 

Stay Tuned! - Connect with us on facebook and instagram to keep up with the ways God is blessing our community! More events to come!



Convivium is a time to meet, enjoy a time of collective prayer, and then enjoy a meal together. Feel free to bring a dish or a bottle of wine, but there's no obligation. Come, pray, eat, light up a pipe on the porch, and have a sabbath in community. 

Big Events

Some things aren't practical or fun to do on your own, and those are the sorts of things to do as a community. These events are the kind of recreation that becomes possible when we play together. Each events are a bit of a treat, so if you can cover your costs, we trust you to discreetly do that. If you can't responsibly cover the cost, we trust you not to contribute, but request that you enrich our event with your presence. Everything is covered; just come make these events amazing. 


On the docket for the year is:

- Private tour of beautiful Braeburn Vineyards

- 1920's night complete with swing dancing coaches and prohibition era cocktails

- Drive in movie night with snacks and glowsticks

- Chopped cooking competition, with expert judges and exotic secret ingredients

- Pilgrimage to St Anthony's, the largest reliquary in the world outside Vatican city

Keep an eye on the events page, and be sure to RSVP to secure your spot. 



These are events focusing on deepening our prayer life, starting off with a series enriching the rosary by learning its Latin translation in depth. Keep an eye out for other types of events on prayer in this space!

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